Business Presentations – presenting in English effectively is one of the “must have” skills for a 21st century professional!

Did you know that, on average, 8% of people leave a presentation because they’re bored, while a whopping 25% admits to having fallen asleep in the middle of someone’s presentation? Another interesting statistic reports that 12% of audience members who stay awake actually play games on their phone, surf the internet or social media platforms. 

So what can we conclude from all of this? It tells us that people’s attention span is limited and we need to grab their attention, hold it, but even go a step further and even motivate our passive listeners to become active participants!


Sounds difficult? It’s not, if you know how. 

We are ready to teach you and share with you the little but
game-changing secrets 
of successful presenting.

We’ll show you how to achieve that WOW effect no matter what kind of audience, topic or event you’re making your presentation for. Perhaps even more importantly, after this workshop, you will be able to present in English with confidence. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

You will practice intensively for three hours, in a group of at most 8 people. You will learn how to open a presentation, present yourself and/or your company. Our experienced teachers will provide you with useful TIPS & TRICKS for grabbing your audience’s attention and show you how to organize your presentation so that it flows perfectly. 

If you’ve been reading these lines carefully, you might have noticed something – the key to a successful presentation is mostly in the skill of presenting and not necessarily in, for example, having  awesome PowerPoint slides. Nice visuals do help, though. And if you can, in addition, interpret data for your audience and explain trends using appropriate and beautiful vocabulary – then you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

We’ll warn you of the common mistakes and potential pitfalls but also show you some “survival strategies” for dealing with them, as well as techniques for dealing uncomfortable and hostile questions. With a little practice, you will be able to lead a discussion and engage people. 

All of the above, and then some! We have a present for you!

It’s a copy of QVE Business Presentation Study Pack in which you will find plenty of useful phrases, examples, exercises and guidelines for presenting successfully on any topic, in front of any audience.

We assure you that your future presentations will be talked about, will get you great feedback and one of the questions you will be asked will surely be: “Where did you learn to present that effectively???”

You already know the answer -> at Queen Victoria Education‘s #HELLO_SUCCESS Business Presentations workshop!

Dates, the price and how to apply

The workshop is held a few times annually, on weekends, in groups of up to 8 people.

Your investment for this amazing learning experience is RSD 3,000 and 3 hours of your time.

Contact us if you'd like to find out when the next workshop will be held or sign up for our newsletter (via the sign up form on the right) so we could inform you on future dates of this and the other #HELLO_SUCCESS workshops, as well as some other interesting events and activities at our Language education center.