Have you heard of a well-known saying of “being in the right place, at the right time”? Imagine finding yourself at precisely such a place with people who may be your potential employers, clients or partners. Pressure is high, and it is important to leave a good impression on your interlocutors and listeners. First impressions are exceptionally important in business world; sometimes, an opportunity for future meetings depends on it. 

Business Network workshop is a perfect opportunity to learn how to leave an impression of a positive, self-confident, eloquent person, and a professional who is up to all business challenges. These skills can be applied in direct contact or written communication, and you will master them in just two hours, with the help of meticulously selected materials and thorough creative activities. 

Don’t miss out on opportunities on your business path,
use every one of them to shine!

Who is this workshop for?

Professionals of all specialties who would like to leave a lasting impression in the business world. 

Required level of knowledge of English?

Advanced (B 1.2 and higher)

What will you learn?

Language phrases and expressions which will help you to adequately present yourself and/or your company, to phrase an invite and to properly respond to one; dos and donts of a first meeting; and from our special guests – professionals in the business field – you will learn those subtle tips and tricks which will make you a talk of the town, once you master them. 

The workshop is created and facilitated by Nikoleta Rakocevic, an English teacher / simultaneous interpreter / education manager, active member of BNI Serbia (Business Network International). 

Main BENEFITS of the Business Networking workshop: 
• You will know how to initiate contact 
• You will learn how to keep your listener engaged 
• We will show you how to properly, clearly and concisely communicate in writing and in speech
• We will give you practical advice, dos and donts, tips & tricks
• You will acquire necessary confidence in conversations with others
• You will develop an adequate style of written communication (Invite, Follow up, Thank you note), and 
• You will receive QVE Business Networking Pack. 

One thing is sure: after this workshop you will seek every opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge! 

Please note that due to a limited number of places, registration is required via school@qvictorias.com.

Dates, the price and how to apply

The workshop is held a few times a year, on weekends, in groups of no more than 8 people. Participation in this great workshop costs 3.000din. Contact our administration for information on the next date of this workshop or sign up for our newsletter (just enter your email address in the form on the right), so you never miss out on new workshop dates, both for this workshop and for the other #HELLO_SUCCESS workshops, but also for various other interesting (educational and fun!) activities that take place in our Center for language education.