Business letters and emails – improve your written communication in English

We send tens of emails and business letters daily but do we always manage to get our message across effectively? In today’s business world, quality communication is an imperative. Most people either learn business writing by trial and error or never learn it at all.

Don’t be “most people” – set yourself apart!

The Business Letters & Emails workshop was made FOR YOU, a young professional who wants to elevate their written communication skills to the next level. Two hours of intensive training, practical advice, authentic examples, practice materials – everything you need to reach your goals.

The purpose of the workshop is for participants to learn how to write different types of business letters and emails in a clear, concise and accurate manner.

Learn how to communicate EFFECTIVELY by following our advice and guidelines.

We can safely say that every participant will notice a significant improvement in their writing skills even before the workshop comes to an end! 

Who is this workshop for?

Professionals in all fields of business who communicate in English on a daily basis. 

Level of English you need for this workshop?

At least intermediate (B1.2 or higher). 

What types of writing will be covered?

Suggestion letter, Proposal, Inquiry, Complaint, Thank you note, Request, Informative letter, Review, Order, Follow-up, Recommendation

The most important BENEFITS of this workshop:

  • Acquiring/improving the skill of organizing different types of letters
  • Up to 50% less time spent writing and responding to emails
  • Learning how to communicate in a clear, accurate and concise manner
  • Identifying mistakes in the way you’ve been writing so far
  • Better sentence/paragraph structure
  • Less time spent proofing emails/letters before sending
  • More effective emails
  • Developing a proper style of business writing

AND you go home with a copy of “QVE Business Letters & Emails Writing Pack” for additional practice!

The workshop creator and facilitator:

Nikoleta Rakočević – English language teacher, interpreter, manager in the field of education. The numbers speak for themselves: 13 years of experience, successful management of a 10+ people team, more than 10,000 business letters and emails, over 200 hours of business meetings, more than 70 business workshops, trainings, seminars and panel discussions with 50+ different institutions and organizations… And now training you – at the next Business Letters & Emails workshop!

Dates, the price and how to apply

The workshop is held a few times annually, on weekends, in groups of up to 8 people.

Your investment for this amazing learning experience is RSD 3,000 and 2 hours of your time.

Contact us if you'd like to find out when the next workshop will be held or sign up for our newsletter (via the sign up form on the right) so we could inform you on future dates of this and the other #HELLO_SUCCESS workshops, as well as some other interesting events and activities at our Language education center.