Language courses for professionals in different industries

We offer face-to-face or semi-individual language courses for working professionals. These courses are designed with students’ specific professional needs in mind, no matter the industry. Students learn the most important, and regularly used, common vocabulary and language that they encounter in their working lives. Each class teaches the language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – students need for career success, because our courses are developed with materials that come from your specific profession.

In our courses, students gain profession-specific terminology and develop the language skills needed to work in a foreign-language environment. These are not beginner level classes – students are required to be at minimum B1 entry level. However, throughout the courses, teachers and students work together to assess and adjust to students’ needs.

Types of specialized courses we offer :

  • courses for lawyers
  • courses for accountants, finance, marketing and banking professionals
  • courses for medical workers
  • courses for engineers
  • courses for diplomats
  • courses for journalists and reporters

If you wish to prepare for international ESP exams (TOLESOET), you can read more about the exams by clicking on the corresponding links and contact us to schedule a diagnostic test and start your preparation course as soon as possible.