You need to prepare for the GMAT exam? This is the place! Queen Victoria Education will help you to get acquainted with the format of this test, develop your language skills to the level you need, overcome all obstacles and efficiently prepare to take this international exam.

GMAT is an American exam intended for professionals and prospective graduate students at business schools in the United States and worldwide.

It is one of the so-called standardized American tests, which actually means that foreign students are not the only ones required to take it. All standardized American tests, except TOEFL, must be taken by both students and prospective students who are the citizens of the United States or other English-speaking countries. These tests represent a kind of ‘American graduation’ and are in general mandatory for all highly ranked colleges. Each institution requires a certain score for enrollment, which must also be taken into account when enrolling the desired prep course. An interesting fact about all these exams is the possibility of the so-called super scoring – if your result from one exam section is not good enough, when you retake the exam, you can focus on that part and combine the results from several of them, until you get the desired score. However, make sure to check if your college or faculty policy allows for this option. Some schools will only consider your best exam score (no matter how many times you take it), and some will allow super-scoring from multiple exams.

The exam has four separate parts: writing, integrated logical reasoning, quantitative and verbal reasoning. It lasts in total 3 hours and 30 minutes. Verbal reasoning test actually tests reading as a language skill, while quantitative reasoning and integrated logical reasoning combine verbal and mathematical-logical tasks, and require the use of analytical skills.

GMAT exam structure

Read more about the GMAT exam on the official website of GMAC – the organisation that administers this exam.

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We strongly advise you check your level of knowledge, English language and quantitative skills prior to starting your exam prep.

Our language specialists have developed DIAGNOSTIC TESTING – a process that helps us assess, with great precision, the time required for a student to prepare for the exam, as well as recommend a personalized program of IELTS preparation or suggest an ideal group prep package.

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