Let’s work on YOUR GOALS together!

Whether you want to improve your general English or Serbian language skills, take your business communication skills to a whole new level, or prepare for an international exam (IELTSTOEFL, SAT, ACTGMATGRE etc.) and enroll in Masters or PhD studies abroad – you can count on Queen Victoria Education being your best partner on that journey!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ALL of our courses are still fully ONLINE.

Considering the fact that we were one of the first language centers in Serbia to start successfully delivering online language courses, switching to a fully online mode didn’t pose much of a challenge. And yes – that includes all of our group courses too! Some of our students embraced it with excitement from Day 1. Others, after being a bit apprehensive at first and uncertain whether it will work for them, came to realize (rather quickly) that this type of learning also comes with its own advantages and can be equally effective as the common, classroom-based one. It’s what happens when you entrust a team like ours with your learning – we are experienced professionals whose top priority is to make your learning journey a great experience and for you to learn as much as possible and in the most efficient way there is.

All you need is a computer and internet access – and you can start learning!

Our online classes take place in Zoom PRO virtual classrooms and often include the use of LMS (Language Management System) platforms

Zoom PRO online classes

Why Zoom PRO?

Because it has a very intuitive interface and is thus very easy to use. Also, it offers a lot of very useful functionalities, some of which are:
- screen and sound sharing,
- a virtual whiteboard
- the possibility of separating participants into pairs or smaller groups - this is great for collaborating on a task or discussing an assigned topic.

You have probably heard of Moodle, Edmodo or Google Classroom. LMS platforms enable students to always have all learning materials right at their fingertips – just a click away, whether it’s a video, text (Word or PDF) file, or links to some websites.

In addition, when using an LMS, there is no way you will forget about an assignment or when it’s due – there’s a calendar to remind you of all the assignments and deadlines.

The platform provides commenting/discussion options and facilitates sharing of useful information, which makes collaboration on assignments and projects much easier and smoother. This way, the communication is easier and centralized, meaning – efficient!

Edmodo LMS

LMS platforms are basically Facebook for education.

Another advantage of using LMS platforms is that it helps preserve forest ecosystems by eliminating the need for paper – everything is just a click away