About the Center and our mission

Queen Victoria Education was founded in 2006. Our mission has not changed since the very first day and our staff have been working devotedly towards it – our mission is to eventually make ourselves unnecessary to you, to lead you up to the place from which you would be able to learn and improve on your own. This represents our greatest professional and personal achievement which we truly strive for. We absolutely love our jobs and we wish our students to feel it and experience it from the very first moment with us. We have put our knowledge, enthusiasm, professional experience, patience and dedication into creating excellent courses that enhance your language competences and enable you to become independent users of a foreign language.

What makes us DIFFERENT from other schools?

Our unique TALK WITH EASE method is based upon communicative approach to language teaching, that is, the active use of a language you are being instructed at. We compare and contrast various uses of language and vocabulary in our classes, we discuss why, how and when we could use certain language items. This means that basic language rules are taught in context, through use of the very language concepts we are dealing with at the moment. The danger of turning language mistakes into fixed errors thus decreases significantly as the teacher monitors the process and helps you understand how to use something – you do not learn language concepts by heart, you rather notice examples of good use and understand their meaning and form which in turn enables you to use them whenever the circumstances call for it. You are an active participant in and creator of your learning process with the teacher who, as the mere facilitator, asks right questions at the right moment and provides you with an opportunity to test your understanding by using an item or a concept.

This makes our method really communicative! We shall not ensure you that communication is the main goal of language learning and then give you a number of grammar and vocabulary drills out of context or pre-prepared expressions and sentences which you are to learn by heart and mechanically produce once asked to do so. No, we aim to help you use “what little you know”, even at A1 level, and speak in the target language for up to 70% of your class. That first step is the most difficult to take, but we will make sure that you feel comfortable, enthusiastic and motivated enough to take it! It is our task to secure a learning-friendly environment for you and maintain it throughout your course.

We do NOT fall back on or rely on your native language in the foreign language learning process. The best way for you to learn is to use “what little you have got” in real-life situations and try to understand the logic behind linguistic processes and concepts. Out task is to simplify complicated theory for you and make language rules applicable in practice, thus making the whole ‘painstaking’ (as many call it) process of language learning a lot easier. We want you to leave after each class feeling accomplished at something new.

Our chief aim is to ADAPT TO EACH STUDENT and PROVIDE THEM WITH WHAT THEY NEED, as everyone is different! We learn with you and from you, we grow and develop with each new group or student. You help shape us and teach us how to be better TEACHERS and PEOPLE.

Why should you choose us?

Have faith in us, follow our instructions and you will see progress soon enough! Some may progress more slowly, some will move at a faster pace, but we make sure that all types of learners are not embarrassed for being unable to understand or do something. We are not here to judge you, but to facilitate learning!

We are fully aware that there is no easy and fast way to learn a foreign language, there is no formula to magically “insert” language knowledge into your brains, but we can guarantee that you will enjoy yourself and have a dedicated teacher who has mastered or who is learning another foreign language and who knows what you are up against. Such a learning experience should be fairly easy. However, the speed of your progress depends on many factors: motivation, relationship with the teacher and other students, teaching methods, types of class activities and practice tasks, focus, aptitude, additional work at home and many more.

We will be happy to explain it to you how to tackle practice at home as all work is not necessarily productive. Time you need to internalize a concept can be reduced if you have got the right set of instructions. We will discuss the learning process (what happens in your head while you are trying to learn something new), guide you through types of learners and learning strategies – all in the target language. Use it if you do not want to lose it, isn’t it so?

Of course, practice at home is half of the work done. It does not have to be boring, mind you! We will try to make the time you put in for additional work productive, creative and educational. You will take part in projects, make presentations, enjoy literature and creative writing, discuss topics at online forums and so on and so forth. You will not even be aware that you are doing horrible homework which has always frustrated you.

We put stress on the use of the target language and skills are acquired in the process. Such a method is highly efficient in comparison with traditional and more grammar-oriented methods.

We guarantee you :

  • TALK WITH EASE method
  • team of professors with international references and experience
  • patience
  • commitment
  • expertise
  • guidelines for independent work
  • interactive teaching
  • comfort
  • team of professors who are excited to share all of their knowledge with you!